Platform Leadership: The Co-opting of digital platforms in the professions

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Technological advances are changing the ways we work giving rise to new organisational forms. Increasingly, the professions are co-opting digital platforms from various public and commercial providers to organise their core activities. This project will research the co-opting of digital platforms in the professions and the social, cultural, political, and temporal implications in the context of contemporary society. Topics could relate to leadership, policy, organisational improvement, among others. Bringing interdisciplinary thinking to the issue of digital platforms and the organizing of the professions this research has the dual goals of generating cutting-edge knowledge and real-world impact for a timely issue.


The ideal candidate for this project will hold an honours or master level degree (or equivalent) in organisational theory, sociology, media technologies, education, or related fields. Previous experience with either empirical research and/or the application of social critical theoretical frameworks to media technologies and/or data studies is desirable, as is openness to transdisciplinary research and a willingness to develop new research methodologies.

S/he will have some knowledge of a specific professional context (could be international) that will serve as the case study for the PhD thesis (though it could be comparative). Particular preference would be given to candidates with a working knowledge of (or willingness to work with) social critical theory, and in particular Eacott’s relational approach to organisational theory (see A working paper is available from A/Prof Eacott via email that articulates the theoretical framing of the project as it applies to school leadership and digital platforms.
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